One of the most popular competitions in the men’s team sport called cricket is the T20 World Competition. In recent years, the pandemic has caused a lot of unpleasantness, forcing the postponement of the competition from India. But this season, all should go smoothly, as fans are already preparing to host at home.

Let’s learn more about the history of the Cricket World Cup 2023 ICC T20, its players, teams, format, and future location. Read about all the important stuff later in the text.

A brief history of the competition

The history of the world cricket tournament is relatively obscure because the first such competition was played by the United States and Canada. Then the competition shifted slightly and was hosted by England, Australia, Shire-Lanka, and the West Indies.

With each year the number of teams grew and it became necessary to develop rules for admission, and special tournament indicators, which determine the departure of teams and winners.

Such competition as we know it did not appear until 1999. The last time it was held was in 2019, after which the cricket event had to be rescheduled several times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So fans are already pretty bored with this sporting event.

Where Cricket World Cup will be held (location and dates)

This could be the 13th Men’s CWC. It will be held in India in 2023, after several changes in the area. It could start in October and run until November.

Originally, the dates were to be different, but now the cricket commission has had to postpone the matches to prepare everything through the pandemic.

Host Dates Participating Cricket Squads
Various July 2020 – March  South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, Bangladesh, India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, England
TBC 2023 Bottom squads from Men’s CWC League 2 x4

Top bands from Challenge Leagues A and B x2

Zimbabwe 18 June – 9 July  Bottom bands from Men’s CWC Super League x5

Top teams from Men’s CWC League 2 x3

Top band from Men’s CWC Qualifier Play-Off x2

India October – 26 November  India as Hosts

Top band from Men’s CWC Super League x7

Top squads from Men’s CWC Qualifier x2


Unfortunately, the official schedule has not yet been shown, so you have to wait until the official dates of the event are announced and you can buy tickets for this season’s Cricket World Cup.

Distribution of teams into cricket groups

Since there are 10 teams taking part in the competition, they are divided into groups, relative to qualification. This is an important nuance because fans need to know which corral and with whom will fight for victory through cricket.

The distribution has already been carried out in this way:

  • Group A: Sri Lanka, England, Bangladesh, and New Zealand, Australia;
  • Group B: Pakistan, South Africa, India, West Indies, Zimbabwe;
  • Associate Members: Ireland.

The following assignments could depend on how the teams play. This will determine how the gangs will be distributed in the semifinals and who will advance to the final game, which should be on November 26, 2023.

Since the tournament is still a year away, the results of the draw can be replayed. Therefore, do not rely on this information as your main information.

Ranking of cricket players and teams by country

Rank Team Matches Weight Points Rating
I England  38 4659 123
II India  47 5669 121
III South Africa  39 4488 115
IV New Zealand  33 3729 113
V Australia  40 4342 109
VI Pakistan  37 3552 96
VII Bangladesh  31 2667 86
VIII West Indies  34 2719 80
IX Sri Lanka  43 3266 76
X Afghanistan  28 1780 64


Winners of the CWC (men’s league) in past seasons

Year Winner Result Second place
1975 West Indies won by 17 runs Australia
1979 West Indies won by 92 runs England
1983 India won by 43 runs West Indies
1987 Australia won by 7 runs England
1992 Pakistan won by 22 runs England
1996 Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets Australia
1999 Australia won by 8 wickets Pakistan
2003 Australia won by 125 runs India
2007 Australia won by 53 runs Sri Lanka
2011 India won by 6 wickets Sri Lanka
2015 Australia won by 7 wickets New Zeland
2019 England won on boundary count after super over New Zeland


Who could win next year?

So far it is difficult to place any bets on a particular team, but based on the winners’ data, we can determine a certain pattern. Australia or the West Indies have won the most times. Also a good chance of winning next year in England, despite the fact that in the past they have performed quite well.

When will the results and schedule show up?

You should be able to download the schedule in png on the official website of turning cricket. It will be shown later this year so that you have time to buy tickets and bet on the sporting event. The results should probably be announced on November 26, when the final takes place.

At that time, we will know this season’s winner and the next venue.